Our Connections

  • Seek The Lamb
    Join an ongoing adventure that has spanned the globe since a "two week trip" to Central America in 1984. Since then we have "lended a hand" in Nicaragua, Honduras, Israel, Germany, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Hawaii, and many places in the United States.
  • Utila
    We are on an adventure on the island of Utila, off the north coast of Honduras. This island is a mecca for scuba divers, and many backpackers from all over the world congregate on this small island to dive, search for adventure, and have fun. We believe that a good cup of coffee is a good starting place for a friendly relationship which can lead to a discussion of the important things and people in life. That is the purpose of the Rio Coco Cafe, where we will serve our fresh roasted Rio Coco Beans coffee. Join us as we walk through this adventure with our Utila Ministry Manual, and the Pillars of our mission there.
  • Spiritual Spaces
    Cruise through the places of the Bible through videos and images taken by us personally during our study times in Israel, Greece, Turkey, and Italy. Understanding the geographical context of your favorite Biblical passages will only enhance their meaning!
  • Tom's Miskito Mission
    How does the Gospel come to an indigenous people who are on the bridge between the Fourth World and the First? Tom's many years of living in the Miskito culture provide many insights into how we can effectively communicate the Most Important Message to another culture.
  • Bags Full
    Check into "Bags Full" to get watered and feed with some perspectives on the Word from a former Navy and missionary pilot, disco manager and ice cream scooper. Guaranteed to tweak your understanding of God's culturally adept message to you.
  • Lamb Bleatings
    Laura Bagby is a skilled observer of life in many parts of our world. From her experience of traveling while raising four children and caring for a needy husband who is often unconscious of those needs, she offers us all words of wisdom on a regular basis.
  • Rio Coco Beans Coffee
    Want to try some of the best coffee in the world? Want to help out needy people worldwide as you enjoy that cup of coffee? Rio Coco Beans directly imports coffee from personal sources in Nicaragua, Honduras, and Ethiopia. In addition we have friends who help us with coffee from Colombia, Sumatra and other places. Good Coffee and a Great Cause!

Nicaragua Project

  • Parrot Girl
    A Visual Tour to one of the most remote corners of the Western Hemisphere.

Project Ezra Beginnings

  • JC
    In 1985, many of the Nicaraguan refugees who were living in the swamps and savannahs along the Kruta and Coco Rivers in Honduras asked us for help in educating their children. Due to the war in Nicaragua, it had been five years since many children had attended classes. We certainly didn't have a plan, but our Lord did! Over the next few years, He used many volunteers to train teachers, build school buildings, and provide school supplies to refugees in 12 villages. Enjoying viewing this miracle!

Rio Coco Beans Coffee

  • BQAVidaJov280
    The production of coffee is a laborious process. In these next pages, we will take you through the steps of coffee growth from flower to bagged coffee. We are fortunate to have such high quality sources for our coffee! When you finished this photo essay, you will be brought back to this page. If you want to return to the Rio Coco Store, go to http://www.riococobeans.com. (Just copy and paste it into the address line of your browser)

Waspam Center Construction

  • JM
    For many years we have desired to have a facility where we could train teachers and pastors, record Miskito music, make local artisan products, and gather different cultural elements. We found a piece of proterty outside of Waspam at the end of the airport runway in 1991, and began praying. We were able to purchase it in 1992. Four years later, we began construction of what we though would be a simple building. However, God had bigger plans- As usual! Take a look at the result of many prayers, financial gifts, and hard labor by many volunteers!

Most Recent Photos

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  • Laura Girls
  • Maik Boy
  • Sawa Kids Pig Crop
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